Praise Journal

1/3/2018 - Praise that over Christmas break one of the heat pumps was replaced.  We are extremely thankful for the extra gifts that have come in to help cover some of these costs.  The second pump is scheduled to be replaced shortly.  We are trusting that God will bring in the necessary funds to cover this project.

12/1/2017 - One of the heat pumps in the main school building has finally given out and is no longer repairable.  While the second pump is still running, it also needs to be replaced as they are well past their "life expectancy".  This is not something that was on the school budget.  Please be in prayer for this matter, as the cost to replace both heat pumps will be between $25,000 - $30,000.   

9/6/2017 - Praise the Lord for the many volunteers who joined in on our HCS Work Night.  We truly appreciate everyone who dedicates their time, energy and resources to HCS.

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