Athletics at HCS

Since the very beginning of our school athletics have been offered to our students.  In our early years we offered such sports as basketball and cheerleading.  Because of our size and grades offered these sports remained at the junior-high level.  As the school continued to grow and add grades in our high school so to did our athletic offerings increase.  Volleyball and soccer were the first sports to be added for our students.  As interest in different areas increased we as a school attempted to offer those sports that our students wanted.

To date we now are able to offer varsity competition in a wide range of sports.  A full range of opportunities are also provided for our junior high students in basketball, soccer, and volleyball.  We believe that this will only grow in numbers as our school continues to experience growth.

Beginning in 1993 Howardsville Christian School made the decision to join the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA).  Since then our varsity teams have participated in the tournaments that they have sponsored and when not in violation of MHSAA rules, continue to participate in ACSI tournaments as well.  The decision to be a part of the MHSAA was based primarily on the advantages offered to both our student athletes and to our school.  In 1996 we joined four other Christian Schools and because a charter member of the Cornerstone Athletic Conference.

It will continue to be our desire to have an athletic program that first of all is honoring to the Lord.  We believe that we can train our athletes that in every arena of life, including the competitive glorifying the Lord is paramount.

Please contact our Athletic Director Dave Cripps at with all your athletic questions.