Early K Program

Welcome to the HCS Early K Program

Our Early K day is filled with academic and spiritual instruction, as well as social interaction, fun and educational recreation.  We offer two sessions of 14 students each, Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday 8:30 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.

The age requirement
Four years old by September 1st.

When does the Early K class meet?
HCS has a Monday/Tuesday session and a Thursday/Friday session, half day or full day depending on parental choice.

How is Christian Education implemented into the Early K classroom?
The purpose of Howardsville Christian School is to provide a Christian Education wherein every subject is taught with Biblical truth as its foundation.  Our school teaches that Jesus Christ, God’s Son, died for our sin and we must be born again by receiving Him as our Savior.  We use the “A BEKA” Christian curriculum in our classroom, which incorporates the Word of God in all areas of study.

What special events can you expect for your child?
Your child will experience a variety of special events such as field trips, holiday parties, and concerts with the entire elementary school.

What are the goals for students in the Early K program?
Students will learn the American flag, Christian flag and Bible pledges.

Each week they will memorize a scripture verse, sing Bible songs and have Bible lessons.  There will be weekly chapels.

Students will learn phonics – the vowel and consonant sounds, and then progress to reading blends and words.

Students will learn to count to 100 and will concentrate on recognition and the concept of 1-20.  Addition concepts are introduced by adding 1 to a given number.

Manuscript writing will be taught and the children will learn to write each letter as it is taught.  Later they will learn to write blends, words and sentences.

All Early K students will be encouraged to learn good social interaction:
In the classroom:

  • To work well with other students
  • To use good classroom manners
  • To follow classroom procedures
  • To talk at appropriate times

On the playground:

  • To play safely and kindly
  • To be friendly to others

When is the best time to apply?
The cost of registration for Early K students is $250.  In order to secure your child's spot, the registration fee must be dropped off to the school.  The list for the 2023 school year opens up after March 1st.

How much does it cost for Early K?
The tuition for our Early K class is a FREE ministry of the Howardsville Gospel Chapel.

How do I register my child for Early K?
Contact Howardsville Christian School or click here to enroll.